A place for Spirituality, Compassion, & Culture

Located at the corner of 22nd & Spruce Streets, the buildings support our community by providing a space for spiritual growth, opportunities to help the needy, and enriching programs of arts and culture. The buildings we share offer the neighborhood a space to grow, serve, celebrate, and learn.
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Our Mission & Vision

We are called to reflect God’s love in ourselves and in the world

We wish to bring those of all ages toward a deeper understand of faith through care and education.  We strive to work actively in the community to satisfy the physical and spiritual needs of our neighbors.

Fulfilling the Mission

We seek:

  • To worship God together through word, prayer, song, and sacrament
  • To bring those of all ages toward a deeper understanding of faith through care and education
  • To work actively in the community to satisfy the physical and spiritual needs of our neighbors
  • To grow as a community, to know each other, to pray for each other, and to reach out to each other in tangible acts of love and concern


Who We Are

Our Team & Leadership

We hope to connect with the people who come through our doors and to extend a radical welcome.  We want our neighbors to feel they belong here.  We are committed to making our little corners of the world a better place for our having been here.  Our Sundays are easy-going, child and dog-friendly and we maintain a relaxed atmosphere. We seek invigorating connections with our neighborhood.

Our Interim Priest in Charge Dana Hall

Our Interim Priest in Charge Dana Hall

Interim Priest in Charge

Our Senior Warden:                  Sallie van Merkensteijn

Our Senior Warden: Sallie van Merkensteijn

Senior Warden

Sallie van Merkensteijn, senior warden since 2020, has served Trinity Memorial Church in many capacities since 1980. Teaching and family, English, Sunday School, field hockey, humanities, husband, choir, church, children and grand children, travel, Vestry, student advising have filled and enriched her life.  


Lynn Czarniecki


Sharon Dooley


Abbie Kinzer


Missy Randolph


David Castro-Diephouse

Lay Leader

James Smith

Interim Music Director

Pat Frahme


Tyree Grazier


Terry Hirshorn

Wintershelter Coordinator

Demetrius Swinson


Fawn Tenebaum

Parish Administrator

Daisy Stuempfig

Wintershelter Coordinator

Parish Life

“This is my Happy Place!” So remarked a longtime TMC member as she tied bows in the rector’s office in preparation for the annual wreath sale. People wandered in and out dropping off items for the sale. A film production company using the sanctuary as a staging area was wrapping up a three-day shoot in the neighborhood. The choir was expected shortly to record the music for Sunday’s service. The Profile Committee arrived to parse words for this document. This is a day in the life at TMC. Parish life here is a source of hope, challenge, and fulfillment.

In good weather, Sunday coffee and refreshments are served on the sidewalk to the congregation and passersby, including the four-legged variety.

It is our tradition to celebrate Maundy Thursday dinner
with Eucharist in the sanctuary. Passing the chalice to one another around the candlelit table is memorable and moving in its solemnity.

The annual Blessing of the Animals is celebrated on the sidewalk in front of the church, where members and neighbors bring everything from dogs and cats to hermit crabs and compost worms to be blessed

Our festive Holiday Bazaar brings folks to our corner of the city to shop for artisan-made crafts, fresh, green wreaths, and to take chances on raffle baskets. Live holiday music and homemade food add to the cheer.

Since the pandemic, the need for mental health services has skyrocketed, and Deacon Lynn has answered the call. She works tirelessly to provide counseling through the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and facilitates weekly family support groups.

At Trinity Memorial Church, we are at a starting point.  New minister, new ministry, new neighbors, new website, new energy, resurrection hope. 

What will be the story of our new life?  Won’t you be part of our story? May we be a part of yours? Together, let us begin.

– Senior Warden Sallie van Merkensteijn


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this is a church?

Our small worshiping family hears this question often. Yes, Trinity Memorial is an Episcopal church in the Diocese of Pennsylvania.  Because so many community events besides worship happen on our campus, the question “Is this a church?” is reasonable.  People enter these doors for meetings, concerts, shelter, pre-school, and volunteer activities. Weekdays and weekends, our buildings are abuzz with activity.  Yes, we are a church, and yes, we are the beating heart of the neighborhood.

Can a visitor take communion?

Baptized Christians are invited to take Communion. The altar is God’s table, not our own, and we invite those from other Christian traditions to share with us the sacrament of bread and wine.  If you prefer not to receive Communion, you are welcome to come to the altar to receive a blessing.

What kind of ministries are there to volunteer in?

Homeless shelter, Food Bag Program, Book Clubs, Senior Center Volunteers, Tech team for Zoom Worship Services, Feeding Ministries, Communication Ministries, and more 

With whom should I speak with if I want to know more information?

 Call the office (215-732-2512) or fill out the form below.  You may also contact admin@trinityat22nd.org

Is there a particular dress code to attend worship service?

We worship in a relaxed and friendly way.  You are more important than your clothes, so sports attire, jeans, and sneaks are acceptable, as is more formal clothing.  Whatever your style, whatever your comfort level, come dressed as you are

Where do I park?

Parking is free around Trinity but often times on the weekdays difficult to find.  Since we are centrally located in an urban neighborhood, we encourage all to ride public transportation, bike, or walk.